Laravel and Docker

Laravel is a PHP framework that makes building a web application faster (once you climb the mountain to learn it!)

Docker is the hosting environment that brings your ‘development’ and ‘production’ environments closer together.

Laradock is the glue holding them together.

Getting started with Laravel for Linux System Administrators

I recently had a go at learning Laravel.

I’m already very familiar with Linux servers as I ran a web hosting business. Yet all the Getting started documents seemed to assume I was unfamiliar and lead me down the path of using Vagrant on my Windows desktop

To use Laravel on a Linux web hosting account, all you actually need is composer. This is a PHP dependency manager, not unlike Yum or Apt-get you would use to manage packages on your server.

You can install composer with the standard package management. From there create a new Laravel project with

composer create-project –prefer-dist laravel/laravel blog

in the folder where you would like it created, where blog is the name of the new project.

This creates a project using the initial laravel files.

Once thats done you have a very basic laravel website ready to go. Place it behind an apache web server and you should see the logo of laravel.

Anouther important piece is the artisan file. This command line PHP script performs a few important functions such managing the associated database for the laravel site in an intelligent way.